As pertaining to motion pictures, describes any film that exploits, in its marketing or promotion, the use of stereoscopic (3-dimensional) filmmaking techniques.

This blog is my notepad as I research a nonfiction book spotlighting 3-D genre films of the last century. While the book will focus primarily on films from the 60's, 70's and 80's this blog has no restrictions.

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The Empire Strikes Back circa 1950

There’s really little relevance to 3-D in this post, other that the trailer presents this re-imagining of The Empire Strikes Back as a 50’s 3-D film. Many of the clips used go back into the 40’s and even 30’s. In many ways this is less of a parody of the second film in the Star Wars series (oh yah, it’s now considered the 5th film in the franchise), and more of a look at what surely influenced Lucas when he dreamed up the original Star Wars concept. 

Either way it’s a fun little bit of nonsense.