As pertaining to motion pictures, describes any film that exploits, in its marketing or promotion, the use of stereoscopic (3-dimensional) filmmaking techniques.

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International Stereoscopic 3D Conference in Canada

For a country who's major public broadcaster the CBC premiered 3-D for the first time in its history just last year (and in anaglyph no less), a 3-D meeting of the minds would seem unimpressive. But this is also a country who created IMAX a name almost synonymous with 3-D and who's earliest flirtations with the medium go back to the 1951 with Norman McLaren's animated shorts Now is the Time (To Put on Your Glasses) and Around is Around, a full year before Bwana Devil premiered in Hollywood and started the first major 3-D boom.

So, in only a few short days Canada will be hosting its first 3-D conference.

The Toronto International Stereoscopic 3D Conference is set to run from June 11 to the 14th in Toronto. Organized by 3D FLIC (the 3D Film Innovation Consortium) and researchers from York University the event is bringing together filmmakers and stereoscopic researchers from around the world.

Some highlights?

The event kicks of Saturday night with a keynote address by world renowned German director Wim Wenders (Wings of Desire). His latest film Pina which incorporates dance pieces composed by Pina Bausch and photographed by a 3D camera.
production still from Pina
And on Monday the conference will host a screening of Resident Evil: Afterlife featuring Q & A with the film’s producer and its post-production team.

All the details can be found at their website:

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