As pertaining to motion pictures, describes any film that exploits, in its marketing or promotion, the use of stereoscopic (3-dimensional) filmmaking techniques.

This blog is my notepad as I research a nonfiction book spotlighting 3-D genre films of the last century. While the book will focus primarily on films from the 60's, 70's and 80's this blog has no restrictions.

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If you can't wait to see the film here are the dream sequences, courtesy of Youtube.

Out of the context of the 2D narrative of the film these sequences will make little sense. Granted, due to their dream logic structure they make little narrative sense within the whole of the film. They are however very enticing.

You'll want to get out a pair of red and blue anaglyph glasses and put the red lens on your left eye.

And that's all I can find on Youtube, so you'll have to seek out a copy of the film for yourself if you want to see the last segment.

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