As pertaining to motion pictures, describes any film that exploits, in its marketing or promotion, the use of stereoscopic (3-dimensional) filmmaking techniques.

This blog is my notepad as I research a nonfiction book spotlighting 3-D genre films of the last century. While the book will focus primarily on films from the 60's, 70's and 80's this blog has no restrictions.

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Welcome strangers.

Welcome the inagural post of my 3-D film blog.  While I’ve deliberated long and hard over what this first post should be, the fact is it will never be as eloquent and prophetic as I’d like.  So instead I’ll just start...

At the beginning of the millennium I said it, out loud to at the very least a handful of skeptic filmmaking friends.  “3-D is going to make a comeback.  Mark my words.”

Ten years later, thanks to a major push from entertainment producers like Sony, it would seem my words have come true.  3-D television is just around the corner and the motion picture industry is releasing 3-D features at a rate that hasn’t been seen since the 1950’s.  There have been books and festivals that highlight those films of yesteryear, but what about the period between 1952 and now.  All those films that exploited the 3rd dimension to attract movie goers in the lost period of 3-D.  An era that saw plenty of 3-D films, but few that are heralded let alone seen outside of a few golden age films like The Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954), or House of Wax (1953).

I realized that I wanted to write a book that told the story behind these films.  No, that’s not exactly true; writing is hard… and time consuming… and a lot of work.

So what I really wanted was to read a book that told the story behind these three dimensional genre films.  Since no one’s come forward and written it, and since even after extensive surfing across the World Wide Web information of many of these films comes up short, I decided that I’ll answer the call and write this book.  A book we’ll call depthsploitation, for lack of a better word and because it looks good in print (but try tying your tongue over it as you pronounce it out loud).

My thoughts and feelings about this subset of movies called 3-D, will end up here.  I also hope to share with you some of my revelations about the films from the period of depthsploitation (between the late 50’s to the mid 80’s).

With this blog I’m also putting out and open call.  I need interviews with the people who were there.  So if you were one of the lucky few who saw Hot Heir (1982) in a theatre, have memories of any Stereo HiFi 70 m/m Production (I can find only 3 so far, Love in 3-D (1973)Con la muerte a la espalda (1967) and La marca del Hombre lobo (1968)) being screening either in North America or Europe or were involved in the never to be Rock 'n Roll Motel just click your mouse on arrow under the masthead.  My email contact is there. I'd love to hear all about it.

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